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Boss Dvd Interview

1). Please describe what you do and about your facility.

The Compound is a private Female Dominant Studio. It is recognized Internationally, contains fully equipped theme rooms, and is located in a fashionable upscale area. I am a professional Domina. I have made a career out of professionally dominating submissive men and women. I am a bondage enthusiast, but I have other interests that are well represented by my choice of theme rooms for the establishment. The Compound contains a Gothic Dungeon, School Room, Sissy Parlor, and Jail Cell. A submissive could choose to be a prisoner, leather slave, rubber slave, fetish slave, sissy, masochist, foot slave, student, ect...There are many role play possibilities for submissives here as well. Additionaly, there are frequent Guest Dommes. 

2). You have apprentices, correct? How do you recruit them and how are their jobs?

No, I do not have any apprentices. I have my clients to consider, and their safety.


3). What is it that people are looking for when they make an appointment to see you?

It is different for each individual person. It is easier to speculate however by knowing what 'type' of submissive person they are.

There are spanking enthusiasts, bondage bottoms, medical patients, masochists, sissy girls, various types of slaves and prisoners, fetishists and role players. Keep in mind that often someone can be 2 or even 3 or more of these things. The key is to understanding each individual, how their mind works, and why they need it.

I am a Woman Who sets Her Own rules, and genuinely enjoys being in charge. I have a lot of charisma and sexual energy. I have a good sense of humor, and can re-present their scene to them over and over in yet a different way each time that is more exciting than the last (I strive to make it so). I am full of surprises and creativity. People contact me to 'make a connection' with this energy.

Why else do they visit? (Please note that this is not in any particular order)

There are 4 main reasons:

a). To face their facts (therapy)
b). To 'not be in charge' for a change (to trust Someone Else to be)
c). Catharsism (through the discipline, bondage, spanking, whipping ect...)
d). Eroticism (to experience their fantasies and get off)

Notice that this is not simply a sexual thing for them, though it is somewhat sexual. I enact mind boggling scenarios with them. I shake them up, send lightening bolts up and down their spines, take them on roller coaster rides, make them think, make them laugh, cry, feel previously bottled up emotions...

I have fun with them and they trust me. They call to make a connection and if it feels right I encourage a visit. They return because the trust has been established.

4). What is it that people want you to do most often?

I don’t ask them what they want me to do to them. I ask them about their interests, and if those interests are compatible with mine, or another ladies here - then I go into further dialogue with them. I shape what their experience will be like here, and respect their differences while encouraging new activities that would be good for them to explore. They have to give up enough control to allow this 'shaping'. Since I am a bondage Top I mainly attract people who desire physical and psychological restraint. A lot of equipment here has to do with that. The play rooms are more equipped than most BDSM fetish stores. I am a collector of devises. People know I am a gadget freak, and often send me emails and letters to talk about equipment. I encourage this because I get new ideas.


5). How did you get started?

From reading thus far, you can probably tell that I used to be an artist. My art began to go towards S/M inspired landscapes, and then into live performances addressing many issues which are also relevant to the scene, and so it was a natural progression for me to become a professional dominant. It started out as an experiment - 'an artist in the lab' and let's just say I have been 'in the lab' for over 10 years now. 

6). Any special videos or DVDs that you think capture the kind of things that happen in your dungeon?

We make videos on all subjects explored in all of the theme rooms at the Compound.

7). Any that you find especially appealing?

The most popular ones tend to be the more extreme subject matters.

8). Any advice for a person interested in the scene but doesn’t know where to start?

That would all depend on what you plan on doing with it. If you are a bottom or a Top, and if you are interested in this for personal or professional reasons, or both! Choose carefully, and always remember that you can return to your point of departure and plan it all out again in a totally different way. There are no 'mistakes' if you feel something strongly in your heart.
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